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Peregrine Game Resources

General Roleplaying Resources

What is Roleplay Gaming?
An introduction to roleplay gaming explaining the basics for new players and the role of the Gamemaster.

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AERIE Netzine
Collected articles from Peregrine’s netzine AERIE. News, useful articles, and supplemental material that you can use to enhance your RPG adventures!
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Basic Rules Systems
To get you started gaming, provided here are what we modestly believe to be the best Roleplay Game Rules and Miniatures Rules systems in their category! Check them out and judge for yourself. We'd love to hear from you.

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Basic Rules – Murphy's World d10 System
These RPG rules are designed for fast action resolution while promoting role-playing (as opposed to 'roll' playing) and permitting players to do just about anything they can conceive. Actually, three rules systems are presented: a) Diceless, b) Statless, and finally c) a d10 Stat-based system. While these rules are used for both the Murphy's World and Bob, Lord of Evil RPGs, they can be used to resolve action resolution for any roleplay Character or setting.
More about Murphy's World – Techno-Fantasy RPG
More about Bob, Lord of Evil – Techno-Horror RPG

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Basic Rules – GRIT Multigenre Miniature Rules
A system of rules which you may use for tactical gameplay with 25 to 28 mm miniatures where each figure represents one person or creature. Distances are presented in the form of inches with the scale 1" [2.5 cm] on the table-top or playing surface, equaling 5' [1.5 m].
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Murphy's World Resources
Here are some resources specific to the Murphy's World roleplay game setting.

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A Slice of Life – A Murphy's World Adventure

An introductory lighthearted Murphy's World adventure that transports the Characters to numerous weird and downright silly places where they must use their wits to gather the ingredients for a feast to be held in their honor.

A Gazetteer of Asgard – A Murphy's World Supplement

A Gazetteer of Asgard provides an overview of the legendary citystate, following Sean Murphy as he interacts with the locals while trying to meet the 'decision makers' to pitch his marketing scheme.

This full color 19 page ebook describes the misadventures of Sean Murphy as he explores the wonders and temptations of Asgard — the city that never sleeps — unless you've been rendered unconscious...

Murphy's World Western Hemisphere Color Map – FREE Download!

This is a full color map of the Western Hemisphere of Murphy's World suitable for use as an in-game reference or for printing out as a poster. It is very detailed, showing names for numerous capitals, cities, towns, special sites, and even mountain peaks.

Murphy's World Character Sheet – FREE Download!

This is a full color Character Sheet for Murphy's World which can be printed out as needed.

Murphy's World Poster – FREE Download!

This is a full color image of the Cover of Murphy's World suitable for printing out as a poster. It is saved at 150 ppi with no compression artifacts.

More about Murphy's World – Techno-Fantasy RPG

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