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Create an Infinite Variety of Interior Adventure Settings!
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Miniatures Game Surface – Series One – Fantasy Areas 1
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10 Unique Sheets of Floor Sections Divided into a 1" Grid
for Easy Cutting and Arrangement into Rooms, Corridors & Obstacles.

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IF YOU'RE LIKE MOST GAMERS, you have a lot of miniature figures, but come up short when it comes to something appealing to put them on — especially with regard to interior settings such as rooms, corridors, doors, etc.
Image: Adventure Areas - Stair 1
Image: Adventure Area - Floor 1
Typical solutions involve sketching a rough floorplan on a sheet of paper or vinyl, or paying huge sums for a small quantity of realistic 3D resin-cast interior pieces. Though both have their place, a third solution is needed for quick and attractive results at an inexpensive price. This is where ADVENTURE AREAS come in handy.

Each ADVENTURE AREAS pack includes a set of 10 different 8.5" x 11" sheets divided into a 8" x 10" grid of 1" squares depicting top-view images of various types of floor surfaces, stairways, hazards (rope bridge, chasm, pit, trap door, oozing liquid, etc.), fireplaces, and doors, which can be easily cut into any desired configuration representing rooms, corridors, and passages for 25 to 28 mm miniatures gameplay. Once you've established your desired shapes, you can assemble a play surface by placing corridor and room areas adjacent to one another (for extra stability you may tape them together from the back). Infinite combinations of layouts are possible! Consider each area adjacent to another with a width equal or greater than 2" to be a distinct new room or corridor.

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FREE BONUS – Included!
Image: Adventure Area - Floor 2

GRIT Multigenre Miniatures Rules
Basic System
A Complete Set of Easy to Learn & Play Tactical Squad & Small Force Miniatures Rules!

GRIT is a system of rules which you may use for tactical gameplay with 25 to 28 mm miniatures where each figure represents one person or creature. Distances are presented in the form of inches with the scale 1" [2.5 cm] on the table-top or playing surface, equaling 5' [1.5 m] — all measurements listed in feet are relative to the miniatures. Any interior gameplay surface used should have a 1" square or hex grid — as do ADVENTURE AREAS.

Image: Adventure Area - Floor 3 Image: Adventure Areas - Stair 2
All you need is a ten-sided dice (1d10), a play area (either ADVENTURE AREAS and/or similar miniatures game surfaces), a pencil, a piece of paper, and miniature figures (or other objects) to represent your Character(s). If playing an exterior scenario without the use of a 1" grid or hex system, a ruler, measuring tape, or marked string will aid in measuring distances. Some coins or tokens will help you to keep track of each Character's Action Points. That's it!

Watch for the GRIT Advanced Rules System coming soon!

Image: Adventure Area - Floor 4
Miniatures game surface. ADVENTURE AREAS and GRIT may be used with any brand of 25 to 28 mm miniature figures and rules system, or roleplay game. Adventure Areas Artwork & GRIT Rules Design: Kevin Davies
Format: 10 unique 8.5" x 11" cardstock sheets, GRIT rules (8.5" x 11") sealed in a zip-loc bag.
Product Code:
PGN 3101

Suggested Retail Price: $9.95 (US funds) – Available Now!

ADVENTURE AREAS and GRIT Multigenre Miniatures Rules copyright ©1994 to 2004 Kevin Davies. Peregrine, Adventure Areas and GRIT Multigenre Miniatures Rules are trademarks of Kevin Davies and Peregrine.

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