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One Set of Rules for Gameplay in Any Genre!
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Multigenre Miniatures Rules
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A system of rules which you may use for tactical gameplay with a squad or small force of 25mm to 28mm miniatures where each figure represents one person or creature.
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All you need is a ten-sided dice (1d10), a play area (either ADVENTURE AREAS and/or similar miniatures game surfaces), a pencil, a piece of paper, and miniature figures (or other objects) to represent your Character(s). Distances are presented in the form of inches with the scale 1" [2.5 cm] on the table-top or playing surface, equaling 5' [1.5 m] — all measurements listed in feet are relative to the miniatures. Any interior gameplay surface used should have a 1" square or hex grid — as do ADVENTURE AREAS. If playing an exterior scenario without the use of a 1" grid or hex system, a ruler, measuring tape, or marked string will aid in measuring distances. Some coins or tokens will help you to keep track of each Character's Action Points. That's it — let the battle begin!

GRIT Basic Rules Free Online
To check out GRIT Basic Rules for FREE, click HERE. This limited version of the rules provides all you need to create Characters and engage in combat and other action in any genre.

GRIT Multigenre Miniatures Rules — Advanced System
and Scenarios will soon be available from Peregrine.


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