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A humorous techno-fantasy roleplay game that can be used as a setting for any Characters from any other game system or as a stand-alone game to provide a break from more serious campaign adventures. The book provides all you need to play including fast-paced rules and a complet adventure 'Robyn's Summer Romance in Asgard (or Robyn and Her Merry Sven)'.

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A humorous techno-horror roleplay game that is a companion book to Murphy's World., BOB, LORD OF EVIL describes a region of Murphy's World, the Dark Lands, where the minions of evil are lorded over by Bob, the baddest, self-absorbed, would-be global conqueror of them all! The book provides all you need to play including fast-paced rules and a complet adventure 'Bob's Horizon (or On a Mission From Bob)'.

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Miniatures Game Surface
Series One – Fantasy Areas 1

Each ADVENTURE AREAS pack includes a set of 10 different 8.5" x 11" sheets divided into a 8" x 10" grid of 1" squares depicting top-view images of various types of floor surfaces, stairways, hazards (rope bridge, chasm, pit, trap door, oozing liquid, etc.), fireplaces, and doors, which can be easily cut into any desired configuration representing rooms, corridors, and passages for 25 to 28 mm miniatures gameplay.

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Also Included: GRIT Multigenre Miniatures Rules — Basic System — a Complete Set of Easy to Learn & Play Miniatures Rules!

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Add Some Atmosphere to Your Game Sessions With...

A 90 minute tape of original instrumental music that provides a stimulating atmosphere, whether you're roleplay gaming or just in the mood to kick back and have your imagination stimulated.
Side A provides music that evokes a 'fantasy' mood with music that ranges from Celtic to North African in its rhythms.
Side B offerspieces with a 'tech', science fiction and action theme.

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Fantasy & Tech
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