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Add Some Atmosphere
to Your Game Sessions With...
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Tape One – Fantasy & Tech
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MANY PEOPLE have a difficult time finding suitable music to play during their roleplay sessions that evokes a sense of adventure and when necessary, stimulates a demand for action. This 90 minute tape of original music by Rob Greenway achieves this and more.

Side A provides exotic music with influences ranging from Celtic to North African, geared toward fantasy campaigns.

Side B kicks into high gear with futuristic cyberpunk sounds including some excellent high-pressure and chase pieces with a European club influence.

Rob Greenway is a professional drummer, percussionist, vocalist, and producer who has worked and recorded with numerous bands and songwriters including Ray Montford, Micheal Pickett, Vern Cheechoo and David Sereda. Production credits include Zombo Zombo, The Diviners and the soon to be released new album by Sleep Six. Rob keeps busy with graphic design, voice work for TV and film and soundtrack development for all media. He is also close friends with brilliantfish. Check out his music at

Format: 90 Minute Audio Tape (Approximate length of audio cassette).
19 Professionally Recorded Original Music Tracks.

Music: Rob Greenway.
Cover Art & Design: Kevin Davies.
Product Code:
PGN 2101

Suggested Retail Price:
$9.95 (US funds) – Available Now direct from Peregrine!

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Original Background Music Created to Enhance the Atmosphere of Your Roleplay, Miniatures or
Live-Action Adventure Games.

Cover - Adventure Audio
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..1...A Gathering of Souls
..4...The Long Descent
..5...Ice Cave
..6...The Grand
..... Procession
..7...The Caravan
...... Driver's Daughter
..8...A Face in the
..... Crowd
..9...A Drink Before
..... Farewell
...A Gathering of
..... Souls (Reprise)

Indent: dot clear gif.SIDE B – TECH

..3...Before the Storm
..4...Panic City
..6...Time to Die
..9...Neural Nihilism

ADVENTURE AUDIO™ is a production of Peregrine. All music copyright ©1997, Brilliant Fish (music) SOCAN. Packaging copyright ©1998 Kevin Davies.


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