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The following questions are provided to give you an opportunity to have a direct influence on the R&D and marketing plans of Peregrine. Your answers to the following questions will enable us to develop the products that you want. Unless otherwise asked, please provide only one answer per question:

The cost to produce and market roleplay games continues to rise. These costs are inevitably passed on to you, the consumer, in the form of higher retail prices. An alternative now exists. If you are willing to purchase RPG products online — in the form of downloadable PDF files (a free browser from Adobe permits all-platform compatibility) — it would allow a reduction in the production cost and delay between new releases. The pages of a document in PDF format can be printed out from your desktop printer; all the fonts and images of the digital file are retained. Also, digital PDF production enables 'interior' color images for online browsing, and a hyperlinked table of contents, index, and body text.
1. Would you be willing to purchase complete RPG products (e.g., rule books, rule updates, sourcebooks, adventures, etc.) online as downloadable files?

2. Would you be interested in purchasing smaller documents (e.g., single chapters, adventures, or even people, place, or thing descriptions) on a cost per page basis (thus the value remains consistent regardless of the document size)?

3. Keeping in mind that the same amount of work goes into the writing, art, design, layout, and editing of a digital product (plus extra work for the hyperlinks), what would you be willing to pay for a downloadable document?
3.1 Significantly more than a printed product.
3.2 More than a printed product.
3.3 The same as a printed product.
3.4 Less than a printed product.
3.5 Significantly less than a printed product.

4. Have you ever purchased anything over the internet before?

5. How would you prefer to pay for downloadable material?
5.1 Check or money order (offline; delay due to regular mail service).
5.2 Credit Card (online order form).
5.3 Ecash or Digital Cash (online payment systems; requires you to have a 'wallet').

6. Have you ever visited a game manufacturer's website and found useful information or free material?

7. Have you ever functioned as a Gamemaster for a roleplay game?

8. Please indicate the one game setting you would most like to adventure in?
8.1 Fantasy / Magical Adventure.
8.2 Science Fiction / Space Opera.
8.3 Cyberpunk / Realistic Near-Future.
8.4 Special Forces / Espionage.
8.5 Horror / Dark Fantasy Adventure.
8.6 Time Travel / Alternate History.
8.7 Superhero / Supranormal Powers.
9. Which types of roleplay game products do you purchase (select all that apply)?
9.1 Core Rulebooks.
9.2 Adventure Modules.
9.3 Setting or Campaign Supplements.
9.4 Tech, Hardware, or Vehicle Supplements.
9.5 Clan, Tribe, Society, or Cultural Group Supplements.
9.6 Gamemaster Screen & Adventure Packs.
9.7 Miniature products for use during roleplaying.

10. Which type of games do you play at least once per month (select all that apply)?
10.1 Roleplay Game.
10.2 Trading Card Game.
10.3 Board Game or Card Game (non-collectible).
10.4 Miniatures Game.
10.5 War / Strategy Game (Tabletop: Board & Counters).
10.6 Computer Game (Solo Play).
10.7 Computer Game (Networked Play).

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