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1.Profiles - Myth & Legend: APPARITIONS, GHOSTS & PHANTOMS

APPARITION, GHOST, PHANTOM (Britain) A disembodied spirit, often unpleasant or unnerving to see or interact with. The presence of a Ghost will occasionally result in a change in the air, a sense of cold, static electricity, or other manifestation.

(Manx): A kind old man who appears in a misty form before storms and gives warning by blowing a horn or howling (the sound he makes is 'howlaa').

('The Fuathan', Scottish): A type of malicious and dangerous water-spirit with a close connection with water, lochs, rivers or the sea. Typically a portent of the death of the person experiencing the encounter or an acquaintance or family member. The following can all be considered to be types of Fauth:

(Ancient Rome, Lemures, plural = 'who moan') All the spirits of the dead. Appeased annually with a yearly festival, Lemuria or Lemuralia in Rome on the 9th, 11th, and 15th of May. The participants walked barefoot, cleansed their hands three times, and cast black beans behind them nine times. On the third day, the Ides of May, a merchants' festival was held and 30 images made of rushes were thrown into the Tiber River. A May marriage would not prosper.

LICH (a corpse).

PHANTASM, SHADOW, DOPPLEGANGER (German), FETCH (England), CO-WALKER, WAFF (North Country, Yorkshire), REFLEX-MAN, ECHO, DOUBLEMAN, TWIN-BROTHER, COMPANION (Celtic): The ghostly double of a deceased (or not yet deceased) which appears at night to foretell of someone's death or who is seen by men with 'second sight' to eat at funeral banquets and to assist in carrying the casket to the grave. Sometimes a companion is seen before the person is dead, or within a few days after the death of a person. If one encounters one's own WAFF and can suitably give it a tongue-lashing to the point of embarrassment, it will slink off and a fated death will be avoided.

SLUAGH (Scottish Highlands, 'The Host'), The Host of the Unforgiven Dead. The Faerie Host of the evil dead. The most formidable of the spirits who have died. They fly about after sunset in great clouds and traverse the world returning to the scenes of their earthly transgressions. None can make Heaven and rest until the sins committed on Earth are resolved. On bad nights they take shelter behind little resset docken stems and little yellow ragwort stalks. They fight battles in the air as men do on earth; they may be heard and seen on clear and frosty nights; after a battle, their blood may be seen staining the rocks. 'Fuil nan sluagh', the 'blood of the hosts' is a beautiful red 'crotal' of the rocks melted by the frost. Occasionally these spirits kill animals and men with venomous darts (Faerie Strokes). They command men to follow and to kill on their behalf -- few have the will to resist; the spell is broken once a killing is done.

(Northern Counties, Scottish Border); The Thrumpin attends every man like a guardian angel and possesses the power to take away his life.

WILL O' THE WISP, WILL-WITH-THE WISP, WILLY WISP, WILL O' THE WYKES (Norfolk), JACK-A-LANTERN, JACK O' LANTERN, JACKY LANTERN, SPUNKIE, ELLYLLDAN (Welsh) A ghostly light (Ignis Fatuus, 'the foolish fire') which misleads night travellers into fens and bogs.

(Cumberland); A ghostly form which appears at a distance to warn that a person's death is imminent.

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