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Ahasuerus the Wandering Jew, SF FAQs, biblios, & links.
Alternate History Usenet List - Compiled by Robert B. Schmunk
Anomalous Images & UFO Files

Ansible SF Archives
Canadian SF&F Resource Guide
Feminist Science Fiction - as viewed by Laura Doyle.
LinkList - SF Links.1
LinkList - SF Links.2

Lysator SF&F Archive
Mary Soon Lee's SF Page
MIT Science Fiction Library.
NESFA Reading List of Core SF & Fantasy

PARSEC Magazine, an SF media and gaming magazine.

Portal - Excite SF links
Portal - Yahoo SF links
Portal - Magellan SF links
Portal - Alta Vista SF links

RPGnet's Science Fiction Corner
SF Fandom Links

SF Resource Guide
SF&F Network
SF&F Writer Resources
Science Fiction -
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Sci-Fi Entertainment

Sci-Fi Universe Online
Sci Fi World - Other Sites
Speculative Fiction Bibliographies
The Speculative Fiction Database
, bibliographic data, listings of awards, magazine content, anthology and collection content, yearly fiction indexes, and forthcoming books.
Sphere Jump Station
Stefan's SF Link List
The Nine Planets
Tri Tac Favorite Links

University of Michigan SF&F Site
Usenet FAQs - Science Fiction.

Archive X
The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
The Horror Atlas
The Horror Reference
The Horror Timeline
Dark Side of the Web
Magick and the Occult
Halloween: Festival of the Dead
Halloween - All Hallow's Eve

Paranormal Phenomena
Peter's Evil Overlord List
Terminal Fright Publications

The Good & the Bad: Outlines of Tomorrow, by David Brin.
The New Meme, by David Brin.

Ames SciFi Connection
Antares Science Fiction

The British Sci-Fi Net Magazine

E-scape - The digital journal of speculative fiction.
Fantasy Booklist

The Internet Top 100 SF & Fantasy List
Reader's Robot
Science Fiction Weekly SF news on the web.
The Sci-Fi Connection
SMASH! Magazine - The Web Magazine of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, and Comics.

Author Bibliographical Information, by John Wenn.
Author Biographical and Bibliographical Information
collection at Lysator.
Author-Links - various information and resorces.
Author Links - SFF Net

Author Links at Yahoo
Cyberpunk Authors Archives at SPEW - a searchable database.
Cyberpunk - Author list and summaries, by Jason Harrison.

Heinlein (Jim Gifford).
J.R.R. Tolkien
Hugh Walters
Vernor Vinge

Marching Through Georgia, by S.M. Stirling (Fan Site by Pete Karsanow)

An Annotated Bibliography of SF Criticism, by Gareth Rees.
The Book Engine
, fantasy, SF & horor reviews.
Fantasy Finder reviews by Karl Henriksson.
Fantasy Authors List
recommended by David Eddings.
Sci-Fi Reviews by Doug Ingram.
SF Awards

SF Reviews
by Christina Schulman.
SF Reviews at Ed's Internet Book Review
Lysator Belated Reviews

Lysator SF Reviews
The Tardy SF Reviews by Paul-Michael Agapow.
Usenet Community Author Poll Ratings

NESFA, The New England Science Fiction Association.
The SF Foundation Collection, at the University of Liverpool Library.
SFWA, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.

Linklist - Fantasy, Science Fiction & Horror book publishers

Avon Books
Baen Books
Bantam Books
Del Rey
Harper Collins
OMNI Magazine
Putnam Berkely PB Plug
Tom Doherty Associates, Inc.
Tor Books

Fantasy Art WebRing Home Page
Horror Art Gallery

1940's Comic Book Covers

Artist - Ed Beard Jr - Fantasy
Artist - Glen Cooley - Fantasy

Artist- Les Evans - Fantasy
Artist - D.Hopkins - Monsters
Artist - April Lee - Fantasy
Artist - Ron Rousselle II - Fantasy
Artist - Clifford VanMeter - SF & Fantasy

Babylon 5, official site.
The Burning Zone
Conspiracies: Dark Skies, the facts and myths behind NBC's UFO drama ( site).
Forever Knight, Official TV series site about the Toronto cop/vampire.
The Highlander, official site.
The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, A Canadian ’70’s TV series for kids starring Billy Van.
LEXX - The Dark Zone
Millennium, TV Guide site.
The Prisoner
ReBoot, computed animated TV series tribute site.
Rocket Robin Hood, A Canadian ’60’s low budget animated TV series produced by Kevin McCorry.
Science Fiction TV & Movie Sites
The Sci-Fi Channel
Space Cases
The Starlost, SF TV show tribute site.
Star Trek: Official Site
Star Trek Voyager, Paramount's official site.
NBC.Com: Third Rock From The Sun

Star Wars: Official Site

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