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Angel's RPG Bookmarks
Arthur Shipkowski's Infamous RPG ftp Site List, Comprehensive and regularly updated.
Complete RPG Company List
Philommedes, Includes press releases from most of the more net-aware companies.
Complete RPG List
Complete RPG List, a mirror of Surge's original -- this one is formatted for Netscape.
Surge's Web Resources
DreamScape -
Fandom Directory

GameWeb - The Web Gaming Resource

Guide: Role-Playing and other SF-related Games
Open Directory - Games

Open Directory - Games: Role-Playing Games

PORTAL - E-Mail Games
PORTAL - Great RPG Archive -
PORTAL - Imagination's Toybox - RPG Resources
ToyNET, a meeting place for people who are interested in toy, hobby, games and video&computer games
PORTAL - The MUD Resource Collection
PORTAL - ORC: On-line RPGs Central/Links

PORTAL - Woodelf's RPG Index
Prince Etrigan's Realm
, Linklists and a gamer contact board.
A Path Less Taken, A site dedicated to freeform roleplaying; linklists.
The RPG Resource Guide, maintained by Paul Tobia
RPG Resource Site, Gaming tools, links to gaming resources, and an online, searchable version of the Dragon/Polyhedron QWIC index.
RPG Reviews

The American Gamers Association, (AGA); a US based organization dedicated to the promotion of the gaming hobby.
AURA, Aberdeen University Roleplaying Association.

Balthazar's Emporium, Dundee University
BURPS, Bradford University Role-Play Society. disappeared?

The Campus Gaming Society, Trinity University, San Antonia (Texas)
CURS, Cambridge University Roleplaying Society

D.R.A.G.O.N., Davis Recreation and Gaming Organizational Network. We meet on the UC Davis Campus, and our members engage in a wide variety of games and different systems of roleplaying.
Dragonflight, Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Washington)
The Dragonslayers, The Queen's University of Belfast
Ducosim, Holland's largest game club. Includes information about game clubs and activities in Holland, game reviews and more.

Escape Ventures Playtesting Association

Fantasy Without Frontiers, Brussel Free University.
Fellowship of the Flying Paladin, An RPG group -- official website.
Freak Society, York University.

Gamers Consortium
Games Club
, Southampton University. RPGs: a lot of storyteller and diceless material.
Games Society, University of East Anglia.
Gaming Club, Carnegie-Mellon University.
The Gaming Guild, University of Pennsylvania. Organization of gamers in the Philadelphia area, centering around the University of Pennsylvania.
GEAS, Grand Edinburgh Adventuring Society GEAS is the role-playing society for the largest student body in the UK. Come and visit the GEAS Village online, investigate the caverns beneath the apparently innocuous buildings, join in the deadly political intrigue and combat the evil Dark Elves.

IRPS, Internet Role-Playing Society

IRPS seeks to unite CCG and RPG gamers with CCG and RPG resources internationally over the Internet.

La Guilde des Maitres du Temps, Quebec
Labirinto Maledetto the Club 3M www server.
Legion of SilverSheen

MURP, Monash University Roleplayers.

NEXUS, Stolkholm, Sweden
The Norwich Warriors, Norwich

OptimaleAn organized gaming group in Sweden that counts Millennium's End among its favorite games. Available: a Windows-based NPC generator.
ORC, The Otaniemi Roleplaying Club at Helsinki University of Technology. While our main emphasis is RPGs, our members enjoy board games and live action games. ORC also organizes the annual RoPeCON.

Pogo's Gaming Guild
PSC Gaming

The Role Players Guild, University of Texas at Dallas
Role Playing and Wargaming Society, Georgia Tech
RolePlaying Games Society, Oxford University. Contains local and general RPG information.
Roleplaying Society, Dundee University Student Association.

SAGA, South African Gamers Association
Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, Warwick University.
Secret Masters of Fandom RPG page, Info from an Amber game and links.
Simulation Games Union, Princeton University
Strategic Game Society, Southern Illinois University
Sverok, Swedish Roleplaying and Conflict Gaming Federation

Treasure Map The official newsletter of the Dungeons of Purdue.

Unigames, University of Western Australia

WARP, Aston University.
WARPSOC, University of Wales, Lampeter.
WARSOC, St. Andrews University.
World Wide Roleplaying Societies Index
The Adventurers Club
All of the Above, a GURPS APA.
Alsirat: The Bridge to Heaven Over the Chasm of Hell Alsirat is an online magazine of written and visual horror including horror roleplaying.
Apocrypha E-Zine
Arcane, A magazine with news, reviews and features covering all aspects of roleplaying games, collectable card games, computer gaming, novels, miniatures and related subjects.
Australian Realms web page for the zine of the same name.

The Crucible Archives, A Talislanta fanzine -- back issues.

Dragon - Polyhedron index An online, searchable version of the QWIC index originally created by S. Vincent Gray.
The Dragon's Scroll - The Webzine of Fantasy,
Dwarven Tavern Cyberzine
, News, game reviews, etc.

E-Scape Magazine available in .pdf, with back issues also converted to .html.
Elsewhere Online, A magazine covering roleplaying and PBM issues and culture, including news, reviews, humour, etc.

Fantasy Realms Journal, An APA; plus info on Fantasy Realms RPG, Mystic Earth, and the Fantasy Realms Journal Mailing List.
Fractal Spectrum

Games First! Magazine

Hidden Lands Magazine

Illuminati Online
Interregnum, A monthly APA focusing on RPGs, fantasy, and science fiction.

KAOS Online, Italy's foremost RPG magazine.

Lancaster & Northwest Adventurer A Monthly newsletter run by students in Lancaster UK covering LaRPs and RPGs in the north-west of England.

Mort Central Declan's SLA Industries eZine.

The Orphan Games Gazette (TOGG), A freely-distributed electronic fanzine devoted to keeping alive games and game systems that others have abandoned

PARSEC Magazine, an SF media and gaming magazine.
Pyramid Magazine, a gaming magazine published by Steve Jackson Games.

RPG.NET Columns - News & Reviews
RPG Review

Sanctum Hermeticum, An online Ars Magica fanzine.
Sci-Fi Weekly
, An electronic RPG magazine with lots of reviews. Published since 1995.
Secret Masters of Fandom (SMOF), an organization of enthusiasts with interests in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Includes some specific RPG stuff, and also E-scape, the Digital Journal of Speculative Fiction.
Seventh Moon, RPG magazine promoting products for mature gamers.
SF Central, SF & Fantasy online newszine.
Shadis Magazine, a gaming magazine published by AEG.
Sharp End, a fanzine dealing with issues and techniques in running role-playing games.
Sholari, SkyRealms of Jorune fanzine, in .pdf format.
Sunspot, An electronic magazine written by, for, and about people who enjoy fantasy and science fiction, and who are also heavily into role-playing games and tabletop miniatures games.

Throttle, A webzine with articles, links, and art, brought to you by Black Gate Publishing
Tinkle Bavard, Fanzine.
Traveller Chronicles Online, A magazine devoted to Traveller in all of its forms.
Treasure Map The official newsletter of the Dungeons of Purdue.

Valkyrie, A bi-monthly RPG magazine available through your local newsagent. This website provides material from back issues.
Vindicator Magazine
Vision Quest Online
White Dwarf Online
White Light, White Heat, Fanzine.

Game Developer Magazine
Games First - Netzine
Gamer's World - E-zine

PC Games Online
PC Games Online - Game Reviews
PORTAL - Game Briefs/Computer & Video Games

ONElist- Gamemasters Guild

, A classification system of RPG GMing styles.

The Cave, Links to useful gaming and campaigning tools for use on the net.

Alien Planet Designer
Fractal Worldmap Generator, also, the AD&D Book of Sex, and Character Sheets.
Irony Games' Server, Instant mapmakers, a dice server, plus other things.
World Building
, Useful info for those involved in creating worlds.
Worlds, A linklist of worlds and settings.
World Wrights' Web Mirror, Worldbuilding info of all sorts, from fantasy to SF, for writing and gaming.

Greg Schmidt's Homepage, A variety of material for many game systems.

Laws of History, A variety of essays, including the Laws of History, some raw chronometric data, artificial creativity principles, and several other game-related tidbits.
Li Po's Hermitage, A collection of AD&D character generators, and links to heroic fantasy literature sites.

Magic System Design, compiled by Juuso Vesanto

A Directory of Gamers
The Gamers' Directory, A way to locate other gamers in your area and/or with your interests.
Greenleaf's Gamers' Directory

Convention Calendar & Scientific Studies on RPGs

A Brief Introduction to RPGs, Courtesy of AURA.
A Detailed Introduction to RPGs
Are RPGs Dangerous?, CAR-PGa archives.
Alternate History List - Usenet
Alternate Realities

Aaron Allston's Gaming Articles

Rich Staats' Gamesite, articles on various aspects of gaming.
Darkwater's RPG Dungeon, some gaming essays.
Fantasy Dimensions
Women in Gaming

FAQs & Humorous Stuff
Phrases Only a Roleplayer Would Understand

The Dragon's Inn Newsgroup
Surge's Massive Archive

University at Passau, Archives.
The Funic RPG Index

RPG Ratings
Caravan of Dreams, Game reviews; Immortal and Heavy Gear info.
Sundragon Games, Reviews and bios.

Dragon/Polyhedron Index, An online, searchable version of the QWIC index originally created by S. Vincent Gray.
Peta's AD&D Page, Includes a copy of Morpheus' net.books, plus several links to articles and new game systems in progress.
The Wanderer's Forgotten Realms Page, Material collected from players (PCs, NPCs, spells, maps, etc.), plus links to other AD&D and SF sites. Also available are copies of the net.books, formerly archived by morpheus.
Qubrak Shata's AD&D Page, Brief summaries of plot ideas minimal references to AD&D.

Battletech WWW Node
James Duncan's TCGames Pages, Info on True Cyberpunk.
Gurth's Homepage, The distribution site for the Plastic Warriors net sourcebooks for Shadowrun, and contains the FIRST and ONLY character mortuary!

A Palladium Homepage
, Assorted materials and an index of other Palladium-related sites.
Avatar Industries, Cool equipment and an index of Palladium RPG-related websites.
D-8, A super secret government progam dealing in psionics. Specific rules for Palladium system games.

Adventures in Ettar, Greg Walsh's RuneQuest sketchbook.
Loren's Rolegame Page, Glorantha material.

Alvy Sarantyr-Falconbridge
, The chronicles of his life and adventures.
City's Edge, A story based on the exploits of a pbem.
Legolas RPG Metapage, The world of Llanowar, and a semi-indexed list of links.
Fantasy World
Free Fantasy Role Playing System Page, A table-top and computer system.
Leviathan - The WebRPG Project
Eric's Free RPG Page, A collection of freeware and shareware RPGs from the net. Includes FUDGE, broken into chapters, and html formatted, and SORD.

Afternight, An online RPG book by Dino Pangier.
Bryant Durrell's RPG Site
Drake's gaming page
Henrik Lepänaho's Characters
Web of Darkness

Les Créateurs Genevois, pages for two games, a fanzine, and assorted zaniness, including a mostly complete list of French RPGs.
Polish RPG Site, An index of a Polish-language RPG magazines, and Polish-language edition RPGs.
Swedish RPGs, A catalog, with links, of RPGs published by Swedish companies.

Kesmai Corporation, Makers of: Air Warrior and Harpoon Online
Multi-Player Games Network, (MPG-Net) an online computer game network, play: Empire Builder, FiefQuest, Imperium, Kingdom of Drakkar, Minion Hunter, Operation Market-Garden.
Trollhole, A semi-interactive dungeon

All-Star Games
Arpeegy Hobbies & Games
Online/Discount Games Company
Sci-Fi World, Canada

Campaign Outfitters

The Guild of Blades

Craze, UK
Rider's Mail Order

Storm the

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