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Peregrine Retailers: Canada

Some of our Canadian retailers are listed below, in alphabetical order. If you carry Peregrine products and would like to be included on our list, please email us your store name, address, phone number, and email address. If your store has a web page, let us know the URL and we'll provide a link to it via your listing.
Peregrine is always willing to work with our retailers on strategies to increase sales. Purchasing representatives are invited to
email or phone Kevin Davies at (416) 461-9884 to discuss ideas and proposals.

Mission Games
33128-A 1st Avenue, Mission, British Columbia V2V 1G4
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(604) 820-3224

The Emporium
123 King St, Suite 202, London, Ontario N6A 1C3
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 679-0625

Fandom II
162 Laurier Ave. W., (Upstairs), Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J4
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(613) 236-2972

Hairy Tarantula
354 Yonge St., 2nd Floor, Ontario
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(416) 596-8002
Email:Indent: dot clear

Imperial Hobbies
239 Clarence St., London, Ontario N6B 2J9
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 434-8822
Fax:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 434-4823

Imperiums to Order
12 Church St., Kitchener, Ontario
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 744-3831

Knight Shade Adventures
4155 Fairview St. #20, Burlington, Ontario L7L 2A4
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(905) 632-0680
Fax:Indent: dot clear gif(905) 632-9714
Email:Indent: dot clear
LA Mood
202 Dundas, London, Ontario
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 432-3987
Fax:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 432-3987

Now & Then Books
90 Queen Street South, Kitchener, Ontario
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 744-5571
Fax:Indent: dot clear gif(519) 744-5571

Silver Snail Comics
367 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A4
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(416) 593-0889
Fax:Indent: dot clear gif(416) 593-9433

The Worldhouse
195 College Street, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1P9
Phone:Indent: dot clear gif(416) 408-4263
Fax:Indent: dot clear gif(416) 408-4600
Email:Indent: dot clear

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Peregrine Retailers
Here's a listing of some of the retailers who stock Murphy's World and other Peregrine Products:

United StatesIndent: dot clear gif | Indent: dot clear gifIndent: dot clear gifCanada

Peregrine Distributors
If you're a retailer interested in stocking Murphy's World and other Peregrine Products, here's a listing of our distributors and overseas contacts:

Peregrine Distributors — Worldwide

RETAILERS & DISTRIBUTORS: email us for quantity discount rates and pricing. If you currently sell our roleplay games, ask about our promotional material — we can send you free Murphy's World RPG demo adventure. Also, if you have a website, we’ll gladly trade links.
Peregrine's products are available from numerous game, comic, hobby, and SF / fantasy bookstores throughout North America (and overseas). Our policy is to try to do all we can to support the retailers and distributors who stock our products, so if you do have a local supplier, we welcome you to try to obtain our product through them first.
However, if you do not have a retailer near you who stocks Peregrine products, or the retailer you have is unable to acquire our products from their distributor(s), or if you simply want the product from the manufacturer, we will gladly take orders directly.
Just send a money order or check (include drivers licence or other suitable ID reference number) for the amount listed for the appropriate item in US funds, plus a shipping and handling charge of $3.00 US for the first item + $1.00 US for each additional item, and we'll send you the item(s) requested after the money has cleared our bank account (items should arrive in about 3 to 6 weeks).
Make all funds payable to:
Peregrine, 40 Seymour Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4J 3T4 Canada.

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