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Products in Development

We’re developing an assortment of relatively inexpensive, high-value roleplay games, roleplay and miniature game accessories, miniatures rules, and RPG background music. In everything we do, we intend to take the time and effort to get it right, through playtesting, editing, and considered graphic design so that you can get the most out of what you've purchased.


All our roleplay products will be based on the same system of rules (Weapons & Wonder™) and thus will permit easy travel between settings for Player Characters. All products will include lots of Adventure Ideas, Gamemaster Tips, and at least one complete Adventure Scenario. Roleplay projects currently in development include:


This product line currently consists of our two current RPG releases Murphy's World and Bob, Lord of Evil. We have a number of projects underway to support this line. We are seeking writers interested in working on these and other products.

SPACE SCUM: The Adventures of Rutger’s Rangers

A setting supplement for Murphy's World. This sourcebook takes humorous adventuring beyond Murphy's World and out into the galaxy at large. Some former Space Marine compadres of Sean Murphy established a mercenary force hiring out their services to the highest bidder — they take pride in never turning down a well paying job, regardless of the risk. Thus, they've acquired a reputation as tough, hard-fighting, committed soldiers. Inevitably they end up embroiled in the political intrigues of galactic conquest. Regretfully, however, their methods are often completely inept; luck typically plays a significant role in their miraculous continued survival of seemingly suicidal assignments. They are in constant need of new recruits. This is where the Murphy, and the players, come in....

NOIROPOLIS: The City of Shadows

A setting supplement for Murphy's World. Located in Karloffornia, the western frontier of the Dark Lands, Noiropolis appeared one day out of nowhere and continues to develop and expand with size and expectations of the population. The original inhabitants were convention attendees at a Film Noir Convention; once through the Dimension Gate, their active imaginations focused the forces of Ludo and transformed the nearby region into the city of their darkest dreams. The book effectively takes a poke at the cliches of the film noir genre.

THE BRIDE OF BOB: Bob, Lord of Evil Adventure & GM Screen

Bob has selected a bride, Angelica — a beautiful, young, nubile Elf-maiden. Naturally, she had to be kidnapped. This is not the first of Bob's attempts to marry, in fact it is the thirteenth; no previous bride has survived the ceremony! Should a bride make it through the night, a longstanding prophecy decrees that the forces of darkness will align and Bob will be able to amass the resources necessary to extend his reach out of Tir Nan Bob and the Dark Lands to begin the conquest of all of Murphy's World. (Amazing what the right woman can do for you, isn't it?)
Hearing of the Characters exploits — whether true or not — her father, a rural Lord, entreats them into mounting a rescue and returning her to his court, unharmed. The Characters are not alone in wanting to prevent Angelica from becoming Bob's bride: Ahriman, concerned about the potential threat to his status should Bob take a bride has instructed Lilith, his personal aide to provide subtle assistance to the Characters. Further help (and potential chaos) is provided by Eve, Bob's first fiancee — a jealous ghost; Lord Narrputz, Angelica's betrothed fiancee; Elvira, the 'entertainment' for the stag party; and a corpse-bride, sewn together from pieces of Bob's previous fiancee's by the loyal dark priests.


Nanogenesis is our second major RPG line. It is a serious product which is designed to reflect the bleeding edge of current cultural trends including: perceptions of reality, the nature of what it is to be human, and the ethics and integrity of society and its people. We have a number of projects underway to support this line. We are seeking writers interested in working on these and other products.

NANOGENESIS: Perception Creates Reality
A completely new setting with rules based on the Weapons & Wonder™ RPG system.

We live in a utopian global society. Everything is possible. All our wants and needs are provided for via the workings of thriving market economy and unfettered international trade. Never before have so many people had access to so much luxury, choice, and free time enabling the pursuit of self-enrichment or pleasure. Our wildest fantasies are achievable, if not in the physical world, then via immersive virtual reality. The datascape, the conduit of all media content, embraces the globe, providing instant access to raw data, information, knowledge, entertainment, or communications. Any task deemed too laborious, taxing, or dangerous for humankind is executed by robots of varying hardware and software sophistication; the most advanced and human-interactive tasks are performed by hardware possessing synthetic intelligence.
Indent: dot clear gifWe have attained the peaceful and productive technologically sophisticated world that our ancestors once dreamed about.
And it's all a lie.

We live in a society of deception and hidden agendas, controlled by secretive organizations. Anything is possible. Some claim to serve humanity; others seek domination. The average person is kept distracted and totally oblivious to it all.

  • They monitor everything you do. Privacy is a myth.
  • They tell you what to think and how to feel through subtle cultural engineering. The 'free' choices you make are based on a limited selection of carefully manipulated options.
  • They conduct clandestine, brutal, and horrific experiments on an unsuspecting populace without any limits or accountability. If there is no verifiable proof it hasn't officially happened; there is no verifiable proof.
  • They conceal the extent of the wonders and terrors that exist in the world and within our minds. What you don't know may hurt you.
  • Reality is what They make it.

    What are you going to do about it?
  • You have experienced an aberration. You've seen something that does not fit with your worldview.
  • Your eyes have been opened. You begin to question what you previously accepted as true.
  • Your reality is shattered. What you've discovered has altered your existence forever. There is no going back.


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NANOGENESIS is a roleplay game about discovery and change.

Each Character will embark upon a personal journey of discovery. The discovery of their world: what events are taking place, what is reported, and why. The discovery of themself: what do you value and what are you willing to do to secure those values. The process of discovery is called 'Initiation'.
Indent: dot clear gifWhat the Character will gradually discover through their initial accidental observations and eventual purposeful investigations is that the public portrayal of society in the mass media and official sources of information is a lie. Most people typically only believe what they are told is true and see what they are told to expect. What the Character discovers will depend upon their experience, their values, and what they are prepared to risk to see beyond the veil of lies.

It is often cited that the only constant in life is change. Yet for change to occur, there must be forces at work. If one is oblivious to the forces of change they may still be affected by the results, which ultimately alter the nature of reality. Those most effective at employing their resources and power control the changes taking place, and thus, reality. As the Character becomes Initiated and gains knowledge about the true nature of reality and what is obscured from the average person, they will have the opportunity to affect their own changes upon that Hidden World.
What changes does your Character desire? How can such changes be implemented? Will they work with established powers who seem to share their goals? Will they attempt to infiltrate an organization to gain access to resources to bend toward their own purpose? Will they establish resources of their own, achieving their objectives without working with or within another organization?

This is the challenge confronting each Character. Once Initiated they exist in two worlds: the Visible World of undiscerning everyday life, and the Hidden World of deception and danger. They must attract and harness the physical and mental resources necessary to survive and realize their goals. Failure will mean death… or worse.
Reality is up for grabs. Create your own destiny.

NANOGENESIS RULES: Weapons & Wonder™ and the 'Builder' Systems
The rules system provided in Nanogenesis is designed to be easy to understand, fast to generate a Character and play, and expandable in realistic details and complexity via optional rules.
Each Character has 13 Primary Stats: Intelligence, Willpower, Charisma, Mystic, Strength, Dexterity, Appearance, Fitness, Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch (the 5 Sense Stats are optional), and 2 Secondary Stats (each derived from 2 Primary Stats): Action Initiative and Health Points. Status Value is a final but important setting related characteristic. A Base Action Value (BAV) is determined for each Stat, Skill, and Ability ranging from 1% to 100%.
SkillBuilder, TraitBuilder, and TechBuilder are included to enable players to create Skills, Character Traits, and Technological Devices, of any kind desired.
The result of all actions, powers, and Skills used is determined by a 1d100 (percentile) roll with the result compared to the Character's Action Value for their current action. Before the player makes their roll, the Gamemaster may apply positive or negative modifiers, at +/-5% each.

NEW WASHINGTON: Political Intrigue in the World of Nanogenesis

As everyone knows, the original Washington, capital city of the USA, was destroyed by a surprise nuclear attack during the Chinese War in the '20's. New Washington, situated in America's heartland, at the nexus of four great states Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri, on the Missouri River, is the first metropolis built from the ground up in this century, incorporating the latest in technological marvels.
It is also the place of intense political intrigue and the locus for numerous conspiracies — many of which are oblivious to the politicians who live and work there.
New Washington will detail the setting and explore the events and history surrounding this city — both visible and hidden.

PERCEIVERS: The Power Within

There is a small percentage of humanity born with an unusually high quantity of Mystic sensitivity. This quirk is due to a recessive gene of Neanderthal origin. Today some individuals carry the Neanderthal gene which codes for psionic talent. Two genes, one from each parent is required to confer psionic ability; one gene simply enables the chance of passing on the ability to offspring. Such people have existed in small numbers throughout history. They typically possess a minor 'gift' of perception (e.g., empathy, the ability to sense auras, ghosts, hear unusual sounds or the thoughts of others, experience precognitive dreams or visions, etc.); these are the Perceivers.
Often the individual possessing the ability is unaware of its significance or potential, and in an effort to better fit in with others attempts to ignore or deny their extra-sensory perceptions. Sometimes the person will allow it to aid them in their daily activities (eg. the ability to sense the emotions of others helps one socially). Some use their gift to help others, and many of these people are drawn into charity work either part or full time — appropriate in a society which promotes the engaging in 'good works' to those receiving Guaranteed Minimum Income. A few use their gift to promote their own ambitions (e.g., negotiations, gambling, theft, etc.).
The Groups and Factions of the 'Hidden World' are particularly interested in Perceivers, and when one is found they will usually try to expose the person unknowingly to a situation designed to 'test' their ability. If they seem suitably powerful, the individual is approached and offered the opportunity to 'meet others like themselves' via a free grant to a educational foundation (they are told that a wealthy benefactor has founded the 'college' for purely benevolent research reasons). If they are found to be in possession of significant potential, an attempt will be made to further initiate and indoctrinate them into the organization.
Some 'normal' Humans view Perceivers as a 'new' or different species. Their power appears as a mystical and wondrous power for good to some — an unfathomable threat to others. Perceivers: The Power Within may be used as a stand alone game, or as a setting supplement for NANOGENESIS or any other techno-future game setting.

DARK FRONTIER™: The Solar System in the World of Nanogenesis

Since the orbit of the first satellite, humanity has wanted to take possession of the dark frontier of space. During the 21st century the first multinational space station led to commercial ventures, and then bases on the Moon and Mars. Eventually other stations were established throughout the solar system.
Dark Frontier details the state of affairs in the solar system in 2063. It describes the physical infrastructure, the technology, the politics, and the ongoing intrigues involving the Groups and Factions. It may be used as a stand alone game, or as a setting supplement for NANOGENESIS or any other techno-future game setting.

SENTINELS: Stalkers of the Dark™

Set in the year 2063, this book provides a realistic glimpse into the dark world of the undead and the threat they pose to mortal society. The Sentinels is the name of an organization pledged to neutralize the vampire threat preserve and promote a compassionate human society.
The book provides information the Sentinels have collected on the history of the vampire threat and humanity's attempts to combat it. It includes the structure of the Sentinel organization and similar groups throughout the world. Technology and supernatural powers are detailed, along with their use in tracking and eradicate their quarry.
Sentinels: Stalkers of the Dark combines elements of cybertech, paranormal, commando and spy operations, plus a good dose of horror. The book may be used as a stand alone game, or as a setting supplement for NANOGENESIS or any other techno-future game setting.


Aurora is our third major RPG line. It provides for the ultimate mix of technology and magic to produce a setting with a true sense of wonder and the realization of the unexpected. We are currently seeking writers interested in working on this product line.

AURORA: Illuminating the Darkness
A completely new setting with rules based on the Weapons & Wonder™ RPG system.

Generations have passed since a disaster from space transformed the Earth from a technological civilization to a mana-rich realm of uncertainty and danger. Civilization has collapsed and the process of rebuilding is beginning. Your Character is a member of a small settlement of sorcerors, Aurora, who have isolated themselves as a means of self-preservation. You were born into this community and have only the writings and stories of the elders to provide any connection with the past. The masters have determined that the time has come to send out a number of small parties to gather information on the condition of the world at large; you have been chosen to join one of these groups. You are to venture out into the unknown, experience something of the world, and report back within the year.
In addition to providing a unique setting, this book presents SpellBuilder™, the magic component of the Weapons & Wonder™ RPG system. SpellBuilder will permit a player to compose spells like recipes and enable them to attempt any effect — within the capacity of their personal abilities.


We have an number of games under development that are not roleplay games. Here are a few that are closest to being brought to market.

GRIT – Multigenre Miniatures Rules

GRIT is a system of rules which you may use for tactical gameplay with 25 – 28 mm miniatures where each figure represents one person or creature. Distances are presented in the form of inches with the scale 1" [2.5 cm] on the table-top or playing surface (if using Adventure Areas or other interior gameplay surface this is divided into 1" squares or hexes), equaling 5' [1.5 m] — all measurements listed in feet are relative to the miniatures.
GRIT includes ideas and resources for creating scenarios in different genres. The rules will encourage flexibility, speed, the modular addition of additional rules as desired. This is the advanced system of the basic rules included with Adventure Areas.

LOGO - Destiny Dice
The Prophetic Game of Strategy & Combat

Destiny Dice is a game of strategy and combat for two or more players. To play Destiny Dice, you need at least one board and one set of dice for each player. The six standard gaming dice are employed as game pieces or to determine movement and action resolution. Each game provides unique gameboards and rules. The simple basic rules can be learned in minutes; additional rules can be added as desired to increase complexity and interest.
A typical game of Destiny Dice can be completed in an hour.

Destiny Dice
is a trademark of Kevin Davies and copyright ©1993. All rights reserved.

The Auto Racing Game

This is a board game of fast-paced car racing for two or more players. Prior to the start of the game, each player determines the relative strength of their driver, car, pit crew, and the maximum possible speed of their car. During the race, drivers must avoid hazards, can attempt aggressive actions against other drivers, and deal with unexpected developments such as a change in the weather. Additional modular supplements will add rules and scenarios for car combat, etc.
A typical game of Grand Prix Champion can be completed in two to four hours.

Grand Prix Champion is a trademark of Kevin Davies and copyright ©1991. All rights reserved.

The Game of Wealth & Power

Fortune is an action-packed game of ruthless financial conquest for two to six players. Each player must wheel and deal, take on debt, purchase shares, gold, or businesses in an attempt to be the first to earn 10 million dollars. A roleplaying element is introduced into the game via the inclusion of the Union Leader, the Bank Manager, the Government, and the Crime Lord cards. The rules encourage fast play and side-deals. Almost anything is possible. Even if your situation looks bad, it is still possible to win from behind as fortunes rise and fall during gameplay.
A typical game of Fortune can be completed in two to four hours.

is a trademark of Kevin Davies and copyright ©1980. All rights reserved.


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