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2.Peregrine Update: THE BRIDE OF BOB
Originally appeared in AERIE 5, December 1999.

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We have just completed the manuscript for 'THE BRIDE OF BOB' a new MURPHY'S WORLD adventure that will be published next year, along with a GM screen and some other GM aids. Though successfully playtested at GENCON 1999, the adventure is receiving additional playtesting from some of our playtest groups before we go to press. In the adventure, originally conceived by Mark Haskins, portents signify that it is time for Bob to try once again to take a bride; so she is kidnapped from her Elvish mansion and swept off to the Dark Lands in a magical coach. Your band of heroic adventurers is hired by her family and given the task of bringing her back alive, in one piece, and still single.
Other news includes our new web domain: and the recent improvement and expansion of our website -- check it out and tell us what you think!
Work continues on NANOGENESIS and our other games. We are still looking for new writers and playtesting groups -- email us if you're interested in getting involved.

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Originally appeared in AERIE 4, June 1999.

Boy have we been busy! We have a whole bunch of new games under development including a new techno-thriller futuristic roleplay game: NANOGENESIS, a dice game: DESTINY DICE, miniatures rules: GRIT (the advanced version of the basic rules included with Adventure Areas), a racing car game: GRAND PRIX CHAMPION, and more supplements for the MURPHY'S WORLD roleplay game setting.
Over the last year we've picked up some new writers, however, we're always looking for more. If you would like to write RPG adventures and setting material and are willing to work cooperatively with others, get in touch -- we'd love to hear from you.
Finally, we'll be attending GENCON 1999 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (August 5 to 8) again this year. As a special event to promote our new game NANOGENESIS, we're going to be running a convention-long LIVE ROLEPLAY GAME.

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2.Review: ADVENTURE AREAS – From 'Knights of the Dinner Table'
by Brian Jelke
Originally appeared in AERIE 4, June 1999.

The following comments are from a review printed in Issue 26 of the comic Knights of the Dinner Table in the section 'Brian's Small Press Picks'. (By the way, it's a funny comic — watch for it.)

I have to admit, I was immediately favorably biased toward this product. I love little doo-dads and props for use during gaming. Adventure areas comes with 10 sheets of cardboard stock. Six sheets picture a dungeon floor... These are easily cut to the shape of whatever your dungeon's rooms are... All is to scale for 25 – 28 mm miniatures so it looks majorly kewl on the gaming table. This is the sort of stuff my players love.
For me, the floor sections would have been kewl enough. But Adventure Areas also comes with a complete game, GRIT – the Multigenre Miniatures Rules System... the basic game has all you need for immediate fun....
One kewl thing is that GRIT has rules for all genres. GRIT's fast paced, fun and has lots of options for more realistic and detailed play.

Brian's Rating: Really Kewl!!!

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1.Review: MURPHY'S WORLD – on RPG.NET!
Originally appeared in AERIE 2, February 1999.

Check out what other people are saying about Murphy's World! The following comments are taken from a review of Murphy's World posted on by Justin Mohareb, January 7, 1999. To see the entire review go to:

...Murphy's World is funny. In fact, it's hilarious.

...those of us with taste and refinement, those of us with style and panache can't help but love Murphy's World. For the hard driving, hard drinking, hard loving elite, this is a book of beauty, baby!

...It's a world where the planet itself (well, the sun, actually) is actively out to get you.

...But the great part is it's all done for laughs. Most RPG games have been fairly poor when it came to laughs.

...Buy the damn book...

Style: 5 (Excellent!)
Substance: 4 (Meaty)

If you've read Murphy's World, email us and let us know what you think. Praise or constructive criticism, we'll print your feedback in an upcoming issue, and use your comments to produce even better products.

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